Q: What UStatue is made of?

A: The statue feels like sandstone.  Models are created by printing binder material and colored ink layer-by-layer into a bed of gypsum-based powder. After printing, the models are finished with a super glue sealant to ensure durability and vivid colors. The final product is a hard, brittle material that works great for figurines and visual models, but isn't well suited to functional parts or daily handing. UStatue is not a toy.


Q: Where are the UStatues shipped from?

A: To make sure to get you the lowest price, currently we ship the statues from the EU, in special custom boxes to protect them. We are working hard to grow our partner list and ship our Ustatues from the location closest to you


Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: Since each UStatue is made for order it can take up to 1-2 weeks to get them shipped. The average time is 5 business days. Once we ship them it usually takes about 10 days or less to receive them. We recommend to order your UStatue a month ahead. We notify you about your shipment by email.