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Creating a personalized 3d-statue is now easier than ever. The process is tested and approved by our computer novice Mom! You can create your custom statue in less than 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home. Dozens of pre-made body and hair styles, several characters and accessories to choose from - and we keep adding more and more.

If you have any suggestions for new and fun figures, please let us know! Feel free to share your ideas and your own UStatue when visiting our Facebook page.  


"The 3D printed selfie is becoming a rather common offering from 3D printing companies; however they generally need, either a 3D scan of your face and body, a 3D model, or several high quality pictures. But Ustatue is offering a less expensive version of the 3D printed selfie. And you only need one good picture in order for them to create one."

-Reviewed by Scott J Grunewald at